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I sort of stole the dev team blog for my own glory, so I’m returning to the team for internal discussions and moving my illicit activities to a permanent home. All existing posts will be updated and maintained on the new blog, and of course all new content will move to that location as well. Hope to see you there. – First Impressions

So you want to learn NHibernate? (or, NHibernate Hyperlink Acupuncture)

So you want to learn NHibernate – Part 0.5, Prerequisites (or NHibernate = Marijuana.NET)

So you want to learn NHibernate – Part 0, Overview

To (ASP.NET)MVC or not to MVC (or, ASP.NET MVC Hyperlink Acupuncture)

Another Short, Free E-Book on a vital Topic – Service Oriented Architecture, Getting it Right

Implemntors Guide to SOAUltimately, I imagine we have Seth Godin to thank for all these wonderful, free books. Here is another one – this one is about implementing SOA, and from Joe McKendrick’s description, it is part implementation guide, part inspiration to get started now, not wait for the mythical day when your organization’s blueprints for the Hanging Gardens of Babylon of enterprise architecture are finally complete.

The e-book is available as a free download here, and a print version can be purchased for $20.00 here.

Content Management Systems (CMS) for the .NET Platform

.NET Utility Libraries Galore

**NOTE** THIS PAGE IS NOW BEING MAINTAINED AND UPDATED AT kind of thing I’m talking about]

Another Free E-Book – Domain Driven Design Quickly

Yet another community gift – this time an e-book about Domain Driven Design. You can buy a print version but the PDF is free, and small enough to easily print out yourself and bind with a clip. The book is by the founder and editor of, and is billed as a summary of Eric Evans (this one, not this one ) famous book, Domain Driven Designimage At this rate I may never have to purchase another book again.