Welcome to the HSI Developer Weblog

e_learning_write_64Please use this space to link to articles related to areas you are researching or currently working on, write up any particularly interesting aspects of the code you are using (a blog can be a place for documentation, too), or anything else that would be useful to share with the team or save for later. I recommend Windows Live Writer for interacting with this blog. It supports plugins and has a rich ecosystem, with plug ins for things like adding syntax highlighted code snippets, which will be important for a blog like this. I also recommend adding the RSS feed of this blog to your feed reader, if you have one, and get one if you don’t. I’m sure your favorite portal has a feed aggregation “Widget” which you can use in a pinch if you don’t use a dedicated feed reader (Such as the free Omea Pro, from JetBrains, highly recommended) or Outlook 2007 RSS Support. Please take the time to properly categorize/tag any posts you create for indexing. Also, let’s utilize the comment system to facilitate discussions on any posts that are place in this blog.


Let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.



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