ASP.NET MVC Resources

Scott Gu’s blog post on the matter

Official website with training videos, links etc

Hammet (MonoRail founder) comments on ASP.NET MVC and the Future of Castle MonoRail

jQuery and ASP.NET MVC – Edit In Place

Good blog, with lots of MVC info in addition to SOA, Ajax and other good topics

Rob Conery  – Also, great source of MVC info – Interesting Training videos on MS MVC

Using ASP.NET MVC with ASP.NET Dynamic Data Extensions

 ASP.NET MVC – ActionResult… The Good & Not So Bad

ASP.NET MVC – Legacy Url Routing

Here is a nice, in depth article by Jeff Atwood (Coding Horror) about MVC in general, and then a little about MS MVC:

MVC doesn’t use the Postback pattern – what about a Post-Redirect-Get pattern instead? Article below

ASP.NET MVC – Using Post, Redirect, Get Pattern

MVC needs validation too – why not use Castle?

Permanent Link to Model-based Client-side Validation for ASP.NET MVC 


Writing a Custom Download ActionResult in MVC – via Phil Haack

Delegating ActionResult – via Phil Haack


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