SimpleServiceBus on CodePlex (a fork of nServiceBus)


5 Responses to “SimpleServiceBus on CodePlex (a fork of nServiceBus)”

  1. ESB’s for the Microsoft (.NET) Platform « HSI Developer Blog Says:

    […] Service Bus is our own derivative (fork) of nServiceBus. Full details on the project can be found here, but the idea was to take the reliability and simple API found in nServiceBus and add in the […]

  2. Mark Bjerke Says:

    This is really good work and we are taking a careful look. Thank you for providing the project.

  3. Nathan Says:

    I’m glad you like it, thanks for the compliment. It’s still very much a work in progress, so please don’t be shy with any feedback, suggestions, requests etc. as you pick through it.

  4. george Says:

    Good work. Would it be possible to present the set up of this project in a WebCast as for new SOA developers, this would be a great guid into getting it to work. Thanks.

  5. Nathan Says:

    Once the project has stabilized then I think that is a great idea.

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