To (ASP.NET)MVC or not to MVC (or, ASP.NET MVC Hyperlink Acupuncture)



Content Management Systems (CMS) for the .NET Platform

ASP.NET without ASP.NET – SharpTemplate.NET pre-release on CodePlex

This looks like a fantastic, flexible, simple to use template engine for .NET. I can’t imagine not finding a use for this in the near future. I haven’t dug any deeper, but LazyParser.NET may have significant promise as well.


ASP.NET without ASP.NET – SharpTemplate.NET pre-release on CodePlex

css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design

Here is a pretty awe inspiring demonstration of the power of raw CSS for rendering a website design. Why bother with more complicated skinning mechanisms when CSS can do it all?

css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design

JSON.NET – A library I’m certain will be of use in our new service oriented lifestyle.


This guy handles JSON serialization, has LINQ support.

Silverlight Resources

Here’s the main “Getting Started” page for Silverlight. This will give you the links to download the tools for VS 2008 and the bate SDK.

MSDN Silverlight Developer Site

Silverlight Architecture

Runtime/Plug in Overview

Silverlight 2 Beta 1 – Development with the .NET Framework

Road map info from Scott Guthrie’s blog….

First Look



A free, fully functioning professional quality Silverlight2 data grid from DevExpress with full source code. Pretty slick.

Flexible, Ajax style "Loading" indicator JS library – Busy.JS

This is another very nice, simple and flexible Java Script library that serves one purpose only: make it very easy to create busy indicators on your web pages. I haven’t looked at it too closely but it appears to use VML or something to render these things on the fly, rather than use an animated GIF, so you have an amazing amount of control over the shape, size, transparency and color of your resulting busy indicator and in fact can change any of its properties at runtime (not sure why you would, but that isn’t the point 🙂 )


This one definitely goes in the toolbox.


Library Home Page

Try it Out!