To (ASP.NET)MVC or not to MVC (or, ASP.NET MVC Hyperlink Acupuncture)

ASP.NET without ASP.NET – SharpTemplate.NET pre-release on CodePlex

This looks like a fantastic, flexible, simple to use template engine for .NET. I can’t imagine not finding a use for this in the near future. I haven’t dug any deeper, but LazyParser.NET may have significant promise as well.


ASP.NET without ASP.NET – SharpTemplate.NET pre-release on CodePlex

ASP.NET Dynamic Data

This is a new extension from MS that, from what I can tell, automates the creation of scaffolding for your website using LINQ. This may be useful to us while we re-design FlightLink IPM provided our business objects can be used properly with LINQ. (If they can’t, we should make them so they can)

Click here for Scott Gu’s post on the matter

UPDATE: Here is a very complete description of the technology from Scott Hanselman

ASP.NET MVC Resources

Some very nice JavaScript based UI controls

A possible alternative to server side grids, trees, etc? They are pretty slick…

Click here for :

JavaScript Control Suite