The .NET Framework Client Profile

is a trimmed down version of the .NET framework aimed at providing a leaner deployment package for systems that are just intended to run .NET client software. It ends up being around 23mb and should make it easier to deploy on the web to computers that might not have the latest version of .NET installed. Below is a link to a blog that has a link to a list of assemblies included in the profile 🙂 

POKE 53280,0: Pete Brown’s Blog : What’s in the .NET Framework Client Profile?


WPF for Line of Business applications

Here is an article on using WPF for LOB’s. I don’t imagine we’ll write any significant, new desktop software in Windows Forms, so this blog post will serve as a place to collect WPF resources as they appear over time.


Public Sector Developer Weblog : WPF for Line of Business applications

Using WPF in a WinForms app – perhaps a nice way to cut the teeth

BabySmash – an interesting project from Scott Hanselman – a “community” refactoring of a (rather clever) end to end WPF app

Using File Preview Handlers from WPF

This could be a useful technique if we find ourselves writing desktop (WPF) applications in the future that organize, categorize and manage metadata for standard office documents but do not necessarily need to directly manipulate them.